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Melanie Patrick MBA
Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in his (or her) heart."


Are you a small business owner trying to make it all work?

Are you experiencing a "gap"?

Do you want to bridge the gap between your vision of your business and your day to day reality as a small business owner?

The gap feels like:
Your business running you
Feeling out of control
Never having enough hours in your day
Missing your bigger targets because of smaller issues
Feeling stretched to the limit
Confusion about priorities and steps

My mission is partnering with you to build the bridge between your current situation and your business vision. This is the "Creative" piece of defining what will drive and motivate your business planning.

My expertise is providing you with practical and proven business tools to help you solve the immediate challenges of owning your own unique business. These tools include:

Business planning
Strategic timelines
Mission statements
Budget projections and cash flow analysis
Employee delegation issues

These are the "Strategic" tools that get results. These are balanced with creativity and respect for your own process of natural growth that each business and individual experiences. This is real life partnering, not theory! For more information on services send an email to

For a free quick review "Do you need help?" send an email to for a free evaluation.

"Melanie goes right to the core of the calling - how does this business fit in my life? When the calling is clear the decision and the steps to take are easy. There is no hesitation."
- Oi Servais, writer, broker

Consulting and coaching available to create specific business plans to help you get where you want to go!

Special projects - If you cannot find the time, project management, writing and marketing research can be arranged for you.
E-mail for more information.

Based in Northern California, Creative Strategic Consulting provides onsite custom support for you throughout Northern California region. Teleconference,internet and phone support throughout the world. Internet and phone support are available internationally with hours of 8am to 6pm (PST). Messages returned the next business day.

If you want help today to plan, delegate, identify key issues, create strategic solutions and enjoy your natural talents and abilities while managing your own business, send an email to for an instant free evaluation of your own business.

Please email me to schedule a free complimentary session or for further information about availability.

Creative Strategic Consulting
Melanie Patrick, MBA

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